Last updated 1 November 2017

1. Christmas is coming early this year. The Dickensian Evening will be held on 1 December 2017. In order to prepare for this, the installation of Christmas trees and lighting displays will proceed from  7 November.


The Town Council normally holds meetings on Mondays at 7.30 pm in the Civic Hall. Agendas for these are posted on the notice board outside the Civic Hall and other notice boards throughout the town. Meetings to be held in November are:

6 November – Policy, Management and Finance Committee
13 November – Youth Town Council
20 November – Council/Plans Only

They are open to the public to attend as observers. The Council has an agenda item at the beginning of each meeting “Statements and questions from the public”. This is an opportunity for members of the public to personally raise with the Council points of issue or concern. A guide on the rules regarding notice and procedures relating to this is shown below. The minutes for all meetings are available for inspection in the Town Council office (opening hours 9.30 am to 12.30 pm each weekday). The Town Council, under the Freedom of Information Act, has adopted a publication scheme for the provision of information to the public, and this is also available on the website.


Work on producing a modified version of the Neighbourhood Plan is proceeding. Please visit the Neighbourhood Plan website   and Facebook page  for more information.


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The Town Clerk will be regularly posting news updates on matters relating to the town on Facebook under the name ‘Wantage Town Clerk’. If you want to keep in touch with what is going on, please visit this page.


The cobbled area in the Market Place in front of Greggs and the Bear Hotel is available on Saturdays for local charities to place stalls for fund raising purposes. There is a small booking fee to establish rights of use. If you wish to book this, please contact the Council Office.


How about growing your own fruit and vegetables? There are allotment sites at Larkhill, Grove Road, Stockham Park, Naldertown and Letcombe Fields. The rents are modest. Details can be obtained from the Town Council offices.


The Town Council has set aside a budget to provide donations to community organisations, clubs, societies and local good causes that benefit the residents of Wantage. If you do require a little help and meet the criteria for an award, please complete the donation request form and send or email.


  1. Notice of a wish to make a statement or raise a question, together with the subject matter, should be submitted to the Town Clerk by midday on the Friday prior to a meeting on the Monday. This should be in writing to the Town Council office or by email to
  2. All statements and questions must be of direct relevance to Wantage and relate to the business on the meeting’s agenda.
  3. Only fifteen minutes will be allocated in total to the ‘statements and questions’ agenda item. No-one is allowed to speak for more than two minutes.
  4. The Chairman of the meeting will decide in which order statements or questions will be taken.
  5. Statements and questions must be addressed to the Chairman of the meeting. Direct discussion and debate with individual councillors will not be permitted.
  6. The Chairman may refuse or stop any statement or question that is irrelevant, offensive, repetitive or objectionable.
  7. Statements and questions may be dealt with at the meeting at which raised, or referred to a future meeting or to a Committee, or referred to a responsible officer to respond.
  8. The Chairman’s decision will be final on all matters.
  9. Answers and responses will normally be dealt with in the form of a written reply following the next Council meeting after which the matter has been considered, unless suitably dealt with at the meeting at which raised or delegated to a responsible officer.